Building GREEN is the way of the future.  Everyone, whether you are the builder or the owner, should work towards making a plan that works for the environment not against it.  The environmental, economic and social benefits to building green will keep our planet and all living things flourishing year after year; decade after decade and so on.  No only will it benefit environmentally, economically and socially but their are funding benefits as well.  The funding credits that are available to builders both residential and commercial are enormous.  If you are looking to learn more about those please visit

BVUPierceWhiteRenovationH&H Builders Inc. had the opportunity to work on a project for an area college.  The building had to meet specific and very high standards to be classified as a “green” building.  For example, a portion of our work required “green” lumber. The lumber was purchased from a retailer who in turn purchased their trees from a forest less than 600 miles away. Because of this, the architect was able to receive points towards the “green” status because of reduced air emissions, for the hauling of the product.  Also, no hazardous chemicals were allowed onsite; each product such as glue or caulk needed to have chemicals in it that were safe for human’s and the air around it.

Green building is Good building, please talk to us about how we can help you achieve a “green” project.